ACRP as the SAQA recognised professional body for religious professionals has developed a Continued Professional Development (CPD) policy strategy as prescribed for professional bodies.

The purpose of CPD is threefold: it aims (a) to enhance knowledge, skills and ethical prowess that underpins competent practice; (b) to keep persons who are professionally registered up to date with new developments in the professional environment; and (c) to provide a route to persons in the profession to systematically increase their level of qualification. A systematic or structured participation in CPD programmes will also open the possibility of being registered on higher professional levels over time.

Important to note:

  • In terms of ACRP's rules, ACRP affiliates have the responsibility to earn at least 20 CPD points every year. A list of accredited CPD courses is provided below.
  • Training providers and other persons involved in ministry development may submit an application to ACRP for the registration and accreditation of the programme or material they offer for CPD purposes.

For a full description of the ACRP policy and strategy on CPD, click here [Hyperlink to the ACRP CPD strategy document]. The document refers to aspects such as -