Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Pastors and other persons in ministry who do not have the relevant SAQA accredited or SAQA recognised qualification may apply for professional designations even though they do not have the required qualification. This arrangement is to make provision for the fact that there are large numbers of pastors in South Africa (and other countries) who did not have the opportunity in the past to be trained at formally recognised training institutions. Although they do not have the relevant formal qualifications, many of them do have extensive knowledge and ministry expertise gained through experience (referred to as informal training) and/or through non-SAQA recognised training. By submitting evidence of this, these pastors may apply for the awarding of a designation.

In this case application for the designation will be done through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL is done, based on evidence of a person’s years of ministry experience. Qualifications and other training that are not SAQA accredited or SAQA recognised, are also taken into account. To apply for a designation through RPL, the RPL application form must be completed and submitted with the relevant documentation.

To apply for a designation through RPL through CGMP and CPSC, a general ACRP application form as well as the RPL application form have to be completed, and be submitted with the required attachments. Instructions on the completion of the application are provided on the application form.

A table with all the requirements for RPL on the different levels of designation is provided and can be accessed by clicking here.

Note: RPL into a designation is done by a professional body. There is also another from of RPL, namely RPL which is related to a qualification which is done by training institutions. ACRP as professional body provides an RPL service of the former type, that leads to awarding a professional designation. This service should not be confused with the kind of RPL service provided by training institutions.