Recognition of Prior Learning towards a designation

Persons in ministry who do not have a relevant SAQA recognised, qualification, may also apply for a professional designation. In this case it will be done through a process of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL towards a professional designation is done based on evidence of a person’s years of ministry experience. Qualifications and other training that are not SAQA recognised are also taken into account for the purposes of RPL. To apply for a designation through RPL, an RPL application form needs to be completed and submitted together with the General ACRP (CGMP or CMTP) Application Form, the relevant supporting documentation and proof of payment of the fees.

For RPL towards a designation under CGMP or CMTP, there are two different RPL application forms:

Note: See also the notes above under the description of Level 4 affiliation.

The RPL application process is as follows:

Note: As part of the CGMP or CMTP Advanced RPL Application Process, the applicant has to submit a set of prescribed examples of ministry outputs. These are identified in the Advanced RPL application form and serve as the “board examination” for persons who do an Advance RPL Application. There is also an alternative for submitting the examples of ministry outputs, namely to do bridging courses on four of the “board examination” themes as identified in the CGMP and CMTP Advanced RPL application form.