Qualification Levels Recognised For The Direct Awarding Of Designations

The level of qualifications related to the level of designations are as follows:

Designation SAQA recognised qualification required for direct awarding of the designation
Religious PractitionerMatric plus one year of ministry experience (proven through RPL).
Advanced Religious PractitionerMinistry Qualifications on NQF Level 2 or 4.

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Occupational Certificate: Religious Associate Professional (Christian Religious Practitioner) (NQF Level 2; SAQA ID 101997)
  • Occupational Certificate: Social Counselling Support Worker (NQF Level 4; SAQA ID 111143)
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Theology and Ministry (NQF Level 4; SAQA ID 49057) (Existing certificates recognized – qualification deregistered)
Religious ProfessionalMinistry or theology qualifications on NQF Levels 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Occupational Certificate: Christian Religious Professional (NQF Level 5) (SAQA ID 101571)
  • Occupational Certificate: Social Counselling Worker (SAQA ID 111142)
  • • Academic ministry qualifications: Higher Certificate; Advanced Certificate; one- or two-year Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Honours Degree (SAQA recognised)
Religious SpecialistMinistry or theological qualification on NQF Level 9 or 10

Qualifications in these categories include:
  • Academic ministry qualifications: Relevant qualifications: Master's Degree or Doctorate (SAQA recognised)