This Council was previously known as the Association of Ministry Training Practitioners (AMTP). It was established by representatives of theological and ministry training institutions, as well as churches and ecumenical networks. Its main purpose was to serve as a coordination platform among ministry training institutions; to pursue new opportunities that were created in the South African qualifications environment towards the formal accreditation of training of pastors and ministers, who did not have the opportunity for formally recognised training in the past; and to create new opportunities for the large numbers of Bible schools and other training institutions in the country and over the continent, to be formally recognised and registered within the South African National Qualification Framework (NQF).

Other reasons why AMTP (now CMTP) was established, included the need to develop and pursue a joint vision for Christian leadership training in the country and over the continent; the need to create a teaching and training presence and unrestrained access to ministry training over the country and African continent; and to create opportunities for young persons who want to study but do not have access to tertiary institutions.

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