Registration Of CPD Event Or Programme Participants

Participation in CPD activities and earning of CPD points are obviously only relevant to persons who have been registered as affiliates of the professional body. Applications by individual persons to be affiliated and designated by ACRP is done by submitting an ACRP application together with the relevant supporting information to ACRP.

Training providers may act as “intermediaries” for the registration of persons in ministry as affiliates of ACRP. The intermediary relationship be arranged through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)’ See the draft (example) MoU document. between ACRP and the training provider.

A programme participant will register for a CPD event or activity by presenting the ACRP registration number and a Government issued form of identity.

The outcomes of the event or activity will be reported to and recorded in the manner which is appropriate to the kind of CPD activity and assessment method.