Accreditation Of Training Institutions And Programmes For Formal Qualification Purposes

Institutions who want to apply to be accredited for presenting a ministry qualification within the National Qualifications Framework of South Africa, have to submit their application to one of the quality councils within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).  For ministry training there are two options: either to apply for accreditation via the Council for Higher Education (CHE) to present academic qualifications; or via the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) to present occupational qualifications.

The difference between QCTO accredited (occupational) and CHE accredited (academic) qualifications

Applying for QCTO accreditation

Several ministry training curriculums have already been developed under the auspices of the QCTO. See an overview of these programmes.

For most of the relatively smaller (community based) ministry training institutions, applying for QCTO accreditation will be more appropriate compared to an application for CHE accreditation. "More appropriate" relates to the goal of the training (focus on preparation for ministry) of most community-based ministry training institutions. QCTO's standards require that the training institution must be aligned both in terms of institutional and programme requirements. Thus, in applying for QCTO accreditation, a ministry training institution has to prove that the institution is structured according to the QCTO's requirements and has the necessary infrastructure, staff and policies and procedures in place ("institutional readiness"). Christian ministry qualifications, that are overseen by QCTO (this is referred to as "programme readiness").

ACRP is in a position to provide advice to community-based training institutions who want to apply for QCTO accreditation. For more information on how the support of ACRP for this purpose could be solicited, see Applying For CHE Accreditation below.

QCTO website address where information on accreditation is provided:

Applying for CHE Accreditation

ACRP is currently not in a position to provide more than general advice to training institutions who want to apply for QCTO accreditation. More information on accredditation is provided on the CHE website.

Support by ACRP to QCTO accreditation applicants

As a professional body, ACRP can provide guidelines and advice to training institutions who want to submit an application for QCTO accreditation.

Note: It is not compulsory to use the advisory services of ACRP. Training institutions can submit their applications directly to QCTO without ACRP. Should an institution however wish to use the services provided by ACRP, they are welcome to approach us for this. The steps are as follows: