Categories Of Institutional Affiliation

Training provider affiliation

There are two categories of training provider affiliation:

Accredited Training Providers

These are training providers presenting Christian ministry training and are accredited with one or more of the statutory accreditation authorities in the country (SAQA, QCTO, CHE), or if with an international accreditation authority where the qualification has been sanctioned by SAQA.

Non-accredited Training Provider

These providers present informal Christian ministry training, but are not accredited with one of the statutory accreditation authorities in South Africa. ACRP allows provider affiliation to such providers based on evaluation that confirms the value of their training for informal learning purposes. It is recognised that these courses are merely ad hoc courses for persons who do not want to pursue a training path or training career - the courses are not accredited, and do not articulate into any formal qualifications.

Church, church network, ministry or faith based organisation affiliation

This category consists of institutions that further or support Christian ministry and the objectives of the Kingdom of God, and who support the professionalisation processes pursued by ACRP.

Associate institutional affiliation

This category provides for non-ministry related organisations that support the cause of the ACRP ("friends of ARCP").